Cutting Squares

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Remember back when I conquered some of my social anxiety by attending a Service Auction at my new ward? Do you also remember that I ended up "winning" a tutorial for a baby sewing project that night? Which, at the time, seemed kind of perfect, since everyone I know had either had or was anticipating a little one in the next few months. Plus I'd get to make a new friend. In my past, however, experiences with these types of service auctions always occurred within the ranks of other single folks. Which meant there was sort of an understanding that once auctioned, services would be largely forgotten by both the giver and receiver. It was just sort of assumed. With this in mind, I didn't really plan on dusting off my Singer any time soon. Instead, I'd find something cute on Etsy and call it good. In fact, I kind of just went about my business and let the baby-craft-sewing-project slip my mind. Except that I couldn't. Not really. You see, the young mother that auctioned this service kept asking me about it whenever she saw me at church. She even sent me a few text messages. When are we getting together? 

Not wanting to disappoint and since she was all hell-bent on keeping her service commitment, I decided to set a date night with her. Step 1: Math at Joann Fabric on Friday night. Which is just how this past weekend got started. As I scanned bolt after bolt of colorful fabrics the entire experience felt overwhelming. It's just fabric, go with your favorite colors. It'll be alright. You can do this. Uncertain what someone would even like or if it would go with their design or if the colors were gender neutral enough and definitely NOT wanting to foist a breastfeeding tent on any unsuspecting mothers, I opted for something simpler. Or so I thought. Next thing I know, service-auction-lady pulls out her iPad and is calculating like crazy, pulling up Pinterest images and telling me how the assembly process will pan out. Geez. No wonder I felt out of my element. Now here I am, with a ridiculous amount of cotton, muslin, and polyfill and our office has once again become a craft corner.  If you don't hear from me for a while I'll be spending time with my rotary cutter pumping out 5 x 5 inch squares, hoping to finish this project before the babies start Kindergarten.


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