Music Monday: Alexander James Wallace

Monday, January 28, 2013

When I lived in Northern Idaho, over a decade ago now, there were three radio stations I could get in my car: country, NPR, and Christian rock. I became a loyal public radio supporter from that time forward. Occasionally, however, when driving through the rolling Palouse to visit family that lived a few hours away, I'd tune into a Christian rock station to see how long I could last. (Hint: It was never long.) But I like stories of faith, grace, and God. I especially like when those stories are set to music, which is probably more along the lines of Gospel music, unlike its alternative step-sister. Alexander James Wallace, a St. Louis musician, released his first album Prodigal late last year. Paul & Silas in Prison is a folksy rendition of the biblical story with a hefty dose of unanswered questions and a final admonition. But I like it. And it sure beats a pledge drive any day.


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