Music Monday: Polly Paulusma

Monday, January 7, 2013

This time of year it's easy to find new music. List after best-of-list can be found on any corner of the Interwebs. (Which is highly convenient for plotting future music swaps. Yay!) And sure, I like finding new music as much as the next person, but sometimes I relish discovering old tunes. Songs that transport me back to a place and time in my life that exist only in memory now. Cleaning out a drawer last week I uncovered Polly Paulusma's debut album Scissors in My Pocket. Instantly I was carried back to a pink brick house, an outdated upholstered coach, and my first boyfriend sitting next to me. So I did what you might have done. I popped the CD player open, blew out the dust, stuck the disc in and pressed play.  

I was thinking love was just a complicated game
You play in the dark
No-one told me strategy was only for defense
And winners thank luck
Oh take my hand and show me how to spin around this floor


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