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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Remember when I talked about our annual Post-it board project? Well, the Post-it strikes again! This time in a burst of Mardi Gras color.  

This year we tried something a little different. Rather than just having a board of super awesome fun activities we could do throughout the year, we opted for a little discipline, with thoughts of more lifestyle changes and long-term objectives. To that end, Post-it notes on the right side of the board (12 of them) represent the awesome travel/camping/museum outings we have planned. While Post-it notes in the middle of the board (3 of them) represent the responsible lets-be-grown-up-adults goals like paying off student loans and making weekly meal planning a reality. Finally, the Post-it notes on the left side of the board (3 per person) are goals that each of us individually have. Mine include reading two books a month, exercising three times a week, and writing 52 thank you cards this year. I'm looking forward to diving into a new year with increased motivation. 

What about you, any resolutions on your 2013 agenda?


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