*Bonus* Song of the Week

Thursday, February 28, 2013

My good intentions for planning blog posts and perfecting the timing of future posts often goes awry. Life gets in the way. We have jobs and errands and grownup to-do lists. Pies to bake and postcards to mail. You know, important stuff. And while I realize publishing something that was posted two weeks ago is like two glacial years in Internet time, I'm doing it anyways. Don't hate.

My introduction to Amanda Palmer came via one awesome steampunk radio podcast. She got under my skin from the very first listen. I even featured her on my first music swap. Her music speaks to me on a raw emotional level. This week she's making waves at the 2013 TED talks; which means she's kind of a big deal.  As my wise friend recently wrote Sometimes the sad songs are the best songs. Truth. And sometimes crying in your cubicle is completely fine. If you do nothing else today WATCH THIS VIDEO. I mean it.

Ps. This song makes me miss playing the piano. 


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