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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saturday night I grabbed my coat and headed into the cold night air. Dodging puddles and Mardi Gras revelers, I headed to my favorite new music venue. Standing outside before the doors opened, I struck up conversation with two women that had traveled from the other side of the state to see the headliner, while I was there for the opening band. We chatted about music and shows, riding public transportation and other life stories. When the doors opened I ended up sitting next to them for the rest of the evening. Oddly enough one of the women worked in Utah, so we had that connection too. At another point in the evening we got into a conversation (all while the band wasn't playing, of course) about the finer points of oatmeal. These women felt like old friends and I was so grateful for their company.

David Wax Museum was AMAZING! The combination of accordion, tambourine, and bull skull were so energizing I could hardly sit still in my seat. So so good. I wanted them to play longer than 50 minutes. Wait, come baaaack?!  But they promised they would return to STL and you better believe I'm holding them to that. The second artist, Tift Merritt, I was less familiar with and honestly it took me a little while to get into her style, but once I did I fell in. She told the story of being nominated for the Golden Globes a few years back and the surreal experience of taking her dad to the event. After that, things kind of fell apart for her, what with losing her record label and all. So she decided to run away. To France, no less. That's when I kind of reconnected to her music and especially to the songs she wrote during that period of her life.

Moral of the story? Make friends with strangers. Live music does my heart good. Running away to France is sometimes necessary. And always eat your oatmeal.

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