Crushing on Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Call it what you will, but I'm a huge fan of Valentine's Day. It has long been one of my favorite holidays. It makes me giddy. And crafty. Remember those decorated shoe boxes you made in elementary school for collecting cards and candy? Or maybe you dropped off goodies on the front porch of a friend, rang the doorbell, and ran. When I was a teenager I made homemade valentines to send to close friends and family members. There's just something about a swirl of pink, red, and white that sets my heart a flutter. Throw in some glue dots and I'm a happy camper! This year I made a deliberate effort to not buy anything new for my valentines project. I figured if I couldn't find it in the three oversize Rubbermaid craft totes I already own, I just didn't need it. Fortunately, cards are forgiving and you can use just about anything to make them with. As an added bonus I discovered a pile of old stamps that I'd been saving for years.  Also, envelope templates are super handy when using what you have on hand. After just two hours I ended up with six cards.

Note: A bone folder is highly recommended for making both cards and envelopes.


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