Friday Favorites: {Guest Post by Christy}

Friday, February 22, 2013

Christy enjoys all things food and fun and delights in meeting people from around the world. She lives in Washington D.C with her husband and two dogs. You can follow her blog here.

My Favorite Places I’ve Never Been
I love to travel. My sad reality is that my travels have yet to take me outside North America. While I have visited 30 of the 50 United States as well as Canada, there are so many adventures I want to take around the world. Here are my top five favorite places I've never been that I hope to one day visit.

5.) Australia- With sights like the Great Barrier Reef and the Sydney Opera House, how could you not want to go there? I want to see king penguins, kangaroos, and koalas, and then go scuba diving (if I ever get brave enough to learn). I want to soak up the sun and the culture and find out first hand just how accurate the Aussie stereotype is.

4.) South Africa- Africa has always fascinated me. You hear people complain about the income disparity in America, but it doesn't even begin to compare to the income disparity in Africa. While there are many countries in Africa I could visit, South Africa is where I would like to go first. My oldest brother spent two years there and developed a fondness for the people he encountered. His stories and pictures left on impression on me and I want to go to South Africa to help those that need it and learn from those who have wisdom to impart.

3.) The Mediterranean- Think Greece, Turkey, Syria, and Egypt. Food is the reason I want to go to this area of the world. I love food, and few areas of the world create dishes that please my palate like the Mediterranean. Tabouleh, dolmades, hummus, falafel, and baklava are among my favorites. As impressed as I am with the food, it's even better that I have yet to meet a person from this area of the world that I didn't like. I'm sure I'll make multiple stops here over the years.

2.) Alaska- So I realize that technically this is still part of the United States, but you can see the Northern Lights from here and I just can't imagine dying before I see the Aurora Borealis.  I would love to travel there via cruise ship and would insist on a stop in British Columbia, Canada. My grandma used to live in Vancouver and I always dreamed of going to visit her there. Seeing icebergs and green hillside in the same trip is my kind of vacation. Plus it is somewhere DH would also like to go, so the chances of us actually going are pretty high.

1.) Ireland- I've seen countless films where they shot on location in Ireland, but I think it was P.S. I Love You that landed this one as number one on my list. From the lush green countryside to the cottages with an ocean view, I drool every time I see a photo or catch a glimpse on the screen. I have visions of staying in a sweet little bed and breakfast near the ocean and taking leisurely bike rides through the rolling hills. Of course the first day will end with a meal of fish and chips at the closest pub. I see Ireland as the ultimate retreat, and I can't wait to plan a trip there.

DH and I have a plan to travel overseas for our anniversary every five years, which puts our first trip [I'm pushing for Ireland] in the summer of 2015. I'm excited to adventure outside my homeland and look forward to the memories that will be made along the way. Do you have any favorite places you are hoping to one day see?

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