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Friday, March 8, 2013

The past seven days have been a whirlwind of activity and things are only going to amp up for the rest of March. Fortunately, part of my hectic schedule in the next couple weeks involves some down time. Which means I'm looking forward to cleaning out my backlog of podcasts while I drive and sit in airport terminals. A podcast, for anyone unfamiliar with the the term, is simply a digital media consisting of episodes. It can be audio or video and is accessible via smart phone, tablet, or even a PC desktop. So what will I be listening to during my precious down time? Likely a sampling of the following. 

Clockwork Cabaret is billed as the premier steampunk music podcast and comes to you live every Saturday night from North Carolina. It is everything a raucous cabaret should be. Originally started by two ridiculously silly Davenport sisters, the show now features one Davenport and the antics of her sidekick, Lady Attercop.

The Irish and Celtic Music Podcast is just in time for St. Patrick's Day. Actually it's pretty much perfect year round, so grab yer flute and put on yer dancin' shoes because this is one toe tappin' good time.

Science & Stories
Radio Lab gets my financial support. I fully support the kind of work Jad and Robert produce. I started listening to them in 2007, when they were just getting started, and I'm still enamored with the style of how they meld science into discernible storytelling. Episodes you REALLY should listen to are Sleep, The Bus Stop, and Words.

Selected Shorts features many talented and popular readers. You might recognize famous authors or celebrities (most recently Cynthia Nixon and Neil Gaiman) recounting a John Irving tale or something from Tim O'Brien. I find myself sucked into a vortex of complete concentration when I listen to these stories. It was perfect for those long Metro rides.

This American Life is, well, part of the American fabric. Ira Glass is a genius. I've listened to him for nearly a decade now. The stories are fresh and engaging, interspersed with quirky music clips. A few years ago Ira spoke at one of my professional conferences and you can bet I was all fangirl on him; sitting on the front row for hours before the event started; one of the first to rush the mic when the Q&A portion started. Yeah, I kind of have a thing for nerdy guys with hipster glasses. But back to the episodes. The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar, The Super, and Switched at Birth are mighty fine pieces of storytelling; well worth three hours of listening.

Do you listen to any podcasts on a regular basis?

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