Local Color: Feeling French

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Missourians have some history with the French, as you might remember. Remnants of French influence can be seen in the state flag and in the names of small towns. Between Louisianan Creole and Canadian French, its cultural influence remains. A little over a month ago Chouquette, a boutique pâtisserie, opened in the middle of the Tower Grove neighborhood. I paid a visit the day after they opened.

The chic interior gleams of white marble, with gold leaf accents adorning the walls. White Tolix chairs surround tiny cafe tables, while little tea pots perch delicately on glass shelves. Bundles of lavender add warmth and natural charm, while varieties of expensive butter-laden confections dot the counter. Macaroons (of which I sampled six!) come packed in blue Tiffany boxes, matching the apron clad attendants who are eager to assist you. The store's namesake are like little cream puffs stuffed with decadent flavors of pudding ( I recommend the passion fruit filling). Just stepping inside the store makes you feel fancy. And really, isn't that what feeling French is all about?  


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