Music Monday: Nikki Hill

Monday, April 29, 2013

One of the great things about moving to a new city is discovering the local newspaper. Those weekly publications that masquerade as tabloids, but put out weekend festival recommendations, cheap eats, and political gossip. In D.C. I, along with every other commuter, read the Express. In Salt Lake City it was City Weekly. Now, every Thursday, I pick up the Riverfront Times. If you flip to the back section, right before the seedy advertisements, you'll find the music section. It isn't so much of a music section as it is an advertisement for what's playing at local venues. For years I skipped over this section. A shame, to be certain, but now I read with a renewed interest. Who's playing this week? What local performer is on fast-track to national acclaim?  Can I cram in a live show this week? Had I been paying more attention I would have noticed Nikki Hill breezed through my neighborhood a couple weeks ago.

Nikki Hill, a North Carolinian who recently relocated to St. Louis, is a brash blues powerhouse. She writes her own songs and puts on a fierce show. Her husband plays backup guitar in the band. I imagine seeing her live is like experiencing a sudden summer storm — the unexpected force of Mother Nature, reminding you who's boss. Fortunately, Ms. Hill has a new album coming out in just a couple week. Meanwhile, you can listen to Saved as a tempting preview.

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