Season of Heartache

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The news reports of the Boston tragedy are raw and heavy. I have purposefully avoided images and updates. I rarely write about current events, but this city that I love and have visited a dozen times; whose streets and people I cherish, is struggling and I feel that weight. Far from her beating heart I can only offer prayers. Prayers for a measure of comfort to be extended to those hurting.

This season of the year I am reminded of all the others. People I do not know, strangers impacted by loss. Mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, friends, all approaching another anniversary. I think of them each year. Their collective pain. I imagine their courage has enabled them to move forward. Together they believe tomorrow will be lighter. Tomorrow will be a little easier to breathe.

Waco Texas Siege — April 19, 1993
Oklahoma City Federal bombing — April 19, 1995
Columbine High School shooting — April 20, 1999
Boston Marathon bombing — April 15, 2013

A total of 260 lives lost. Together we shoulder that loss. Together we remember. Together we hope and heal. 


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