Friday Favorites: Wedding Album

Friday, May 10, 2013

We got married on a Thursday morning in May, exactly one year ago today. Crazy! I hope what they say about the first year is true, because it makes approaching year two that much more exciting. One of the pieces of advice we received for our wedding was Commitment is sometimes stronger than love... and needs to be. I think of that often. While it's true that no two successful relationships are alike, I have a suspicion that most of them require sacrifice. In the past twelve months I have learned a lot about compassion, honesty, forgiveness and humility and yes, love. The lessons are hard, but we keep going. Because that's the miracle. I'm lucky to have such a remarkable partner by my side, and I look forward to learning and growing together over the years. Today we're off to the Windy City to celebrate. Back with more stories next week.


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