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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why yes that's a gourmet restaurant-style salad complete with kumquats, celery, toasted walnuts, oranges, avocados, and Parmesan cheese, lightly tossed with a homemade lemon oregano vinaigrette. All served in the comfort of my own kitchen.

Compiled my summer music mix. Complete with shiny gold dots! Technically I'm 3 minutes over the limit, so yeah, I kind of wanted to include EVERYTHING.

Taught an herb class to the women at church tonight. A couple dozen ladies gathered to learn about planting herbs, cooking with herbs, and storing herbs for future use. Plus I had to tell them about where the word pesto originated from (Hint: see mortar and pestle that I picked up in the South of France). Show off.

Set out samples of pesto, pine nut rosemary shortbread, and blackberry sage jam from one of my favorite cookbooks Food in Jars. Not pictured: lemon, cucumber, mint, raspberry water. (Also not pictured, other food samples that arrived in plastic containers.)

Capped off the night with this parking lot sunset, while class members planted tiny herb seeds in yogurt containers. All in all a pretty good day.


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