Currently | 06.18.2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

READING: My second YA book of the year: Code Name Verity. Which has me desperately wanting to learn how to fly my own plane.

EATING: Salads, salads, and more salads. Leafy greens at least once a day; sometimes twice. Our garden keeps on giving, and so we willingly oblige. Don't even tell me about the onslaught of zucchini I have to look forward to.

EXCITED FOR: Outdoor theater. Specifically Spamalot this weekend. Let the irreverent merriment begin!

LISTENING TO: Summer mixed tapes. Sweet compilations found here and here.

WATCHING: Downton Abbey. Whatever. I got a late start and am finally catching up with the latest pop culture craze. Also, I maaaay have watched season one all in one day. (Thank you summer cold.) Now I'm just waiting for season three to show up at the library. In addition, have you seen the comedy-drama Frances Ha? So far it's my favorite movie of the summer.

WONDERING: Am I the only one who has tried using a keyless car fob to unlock my house?


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