Music Monday: Bahamas

Monday, June 10, 2013

When my sister and I were little we had a little music routine. It would start with us begging my mom to put Footloose on the record player. She'd ask Are you ready? and we would jump up and down exclaiming Yes, yes! Gingerly she'd place the LP on the silver turntable and we'd hear the unmistakable opening chords of our favorite theme song. Like rabid cheetahs we'd run to our room, grab our shiny black patent shoes and yell Turn it up. Then we'd zip around the house, twisting our bodies, rocking our heads and flailing our arms, waiting for that magic line when we could Kick off [our] Sunday shoes!, inside the house. (An act that would otherwise be verboten.) Simple childhood magic. Even now, on the rare occasion that I listen to music on the radio, when I hear those classic chords, I can't help crank the volume and wow myself with some pretty amazing car dance moves. In that spirit of enthusiasm and with perhaps a nod to the vintage bygone recording process of days past, comes today's music selection. While it doesn't have the same zeal as the song from my childhood, the video does indicate that sometimes loud is best.

Bahamas Please Forgive My Heart


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