Music Monday: A Sampler

Monday, June 3, 2013

You guys! I spent six hours listening to live music this past weekend. SIX. In fact the entire weekend felt like a giant celebration. A celebration of life that is. So much good music. Friday night, right before the freak storm and tornado warnings and the world ending, I made it to Casa Loma to take in St. Louis based Pokey Lafarge. Imagine my surprise when one of the opening bands was a mariachi band. What? By the time Pokey and friends made it to the stage the crowd had tripled in size. They played every song from their new album and I renewed my love of two-tone dress shoes and washboard rhythm. However the best part of the entire evening happened just as I was about to leave. As I left the balcony and walked into the mass of humanity, trying to sneak up to the stage for a better picture, I was unexpectedly thrown into a live rendition of La La Blues. Best. Exit. Ever. 

Saturday afternoon I headed to the 2013 Riverfront Times Music Showcase. Although I missed Acorns to Oaks, the group I had originally planned on seeing, I still managed to catch another new band called Town Cars. After that I bounced over to another venue and caught the last little bit of talented jazz musician, Lamar Harris. He was followed by a choral pop group called The Educated Guess (which is due to release their debut album later this year). And while the music was fantastic, the outdoor patio at Copia Restaurant & Wine Garden took my breath away. Simply stunning. Exposed beams, shafts of sunlight, fans whirling, string lights dancing. It reminded me of all the rooftop gardens and alfresco places to dine in DC, which of course made me smile. Supporting local music never felt so good.

All images by me. 


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