My First Sewing Project

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Remember back when I started cutting out a bazillion squares of fabric (256 to be exact)? That project lasted me exactly half of January, all of February and part of March. The finished products were gifted for Easter and now I'm finally playing catch up with a few words and pictures.

When I started photo documenting my first real sewing project I had the lofty ambition of explaining the step-by-step process of making a puff quilt once I was all done. Then I thought, yeah right nobody would read that. In truth, this little foray into the world of quilting was hard. Really hard. You should know that I'm not a seamstress. While I own a sewing machine, that in no way qualifies me in this craft. In fact, six years ago I tried making an apron and ended up with pieces of fabric hanging together loosely with some sloppy pins.

Patterns intimidate me. Even shopping for material is daunting. But somehow I thought I could make a puff quilt. You know, only THE HARDEST QUILT to make. Fortunately I had someone coaching me through the process. Yet at every step I kept thinking Okay, it can't get any harder than this part. Then sure enough, the next step would be even trickier than the last. Seriously? But through all the cutting, pinning, sewing, stuffing, measuring, unpicking, and cursing I did manage to complete the project and also accomplish one of my happiness goals: learn something new in 2013. This I did by making not one, but TWO puff quilts. In the end, seeing my niece and nephew on their quilts of puff paradise made all the fuss worth it.

All images (minus the last two) taken by me. 


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