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Thursday, July 18, 2013

READING: Now that my library books have come in, I am almost done with Let's Explore Diabetes with Owls. This is my second short essay novel of the summer and I find the format is a little easier for me to commit to. Also, in preparation for my trip this fall, I'm delving headlong into Rick Steves' Eastern Europe guidebook. Now that's exciting.

EATING: Zucchini. Every single day our garden pumps out a squash the size of my forearm. This week I've made chocolate zucchini bread and spicy turkey burgers. So so delicious. (You might be tempted to leave the mint out of the burgers, don't do it. Trust me on this one.) And now that I've learned how to properly freeze shredded zucchini I'm set for the next year.

WATCHING: Lately I've made a habit of matinee Monday. Except for a few gray hairs, the theater is usually empty. Which I like. This week I saw Fill the Voidmainly because I have a thing for films depicting religious communities. When I need a little bit of funny Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is making the Internet rounds. Which actually makes me think a couple things: 1. Where are they going for coffee? I mean they probably could have walked around the corner and called it a day. 2. Are they really driving around New York? Because I've driven in New York and apparently traffic doesn't move the same for us non-celebrity folk. 3. Where are all the female comedians? Come on, Jerry.

MAKING: Art and pickles. How's that for juxtaposition? Earlier this week I took a Pollock inspired painting class. It was a first for me and I never knew how fun flinging paint could be. Lately, my ambition for creative exploration outside my kitchen is growing. Tonight I'm taking an introduction to screen printing class; something I have wanted to do for years. On Sunday I made my first batch of dill pickles using some of the cucumbers from our garden and I can't wait to see/taste how they turned out.

EXCITED FOR:  Road trip! Tomorrow we leave for Utah. We'll be spending a few days with my family and then heading to Bear Lake for a reunion with some of my college friends. I'll be gone about 10 days, so this space may get a little quiet. Meanwhile, leave a comment and tell me what you've been up to lately.


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