Music Monday: All that Jazz

Monday, July 1, 2013

I feel in love with jazz music in my early 20s. Though I can't recall how I ended up volunteering for the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, I mark that moment as my gateway into jazz; when, after hearing the beat of a passionate xylophone riff, I was hooked. This is what living sounds like, I thought. After that I listened to jazz aficionado and radio host Steve Williams on a nightly basis. Together we'd drive around Salt Lake City and I would scribble down artist names between sets, hoping to expand my own jazz library. When I moved back to Washington, D.C. I discovered the Westminster Jazz church—where for $5 on a Friday night I could load up on soul food, claim a seat next to my black brothers and sisters, and swoon over lanky bass players and melt into tenor sax solos. It was one of my favorite ways to spend a Friday night. And I would often take friends with me whenever I could. Jazz, our uniquely American music, has the capacity to erase boundaries and bring folks together. Hearing live jazz music punches the breath out of me, and tastes that much sweeter when I inhale again. Jazz is both raw and romantic. While it isn't for everyone, I have it on good authority that God Loves Jazz, you know, just in case you needed further evidence that you ought to give the genre a second chance. Though I can't really claim a favorite album or artist, this Miles Davis rendition of It Never Entered My Mind gets played fairly regularly on my music rotation. 


  1. God DOES love jazz. Amen! (and oh boy, I needed to hear that horn today. perfection!)


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