Music Monday: Jukebox The Ghost

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sometimes I feel like I'm the last one to the party. Musically, that is. Like a kid sister, tagging along, shouting Hey! Wait for me. This weekly feature is one of the ways I try to keep up. Exploring new sounds and vetting  good music to share with you. Hopefully, at least occasionally, you find something you like.

The three man band that make up Jukebox The Ghost are known for "juxtaposing dark lyrics with upbeat music." Which takes some talent. Their 2012 album Safe Travels has received a lot of positive press, so you may have already heard of them. Yesterday the group released their new music video for "Oh, Emily," which incorporates bucket drumming, mannequins, and fans busting out a dance party. Since I couldn't decide on just one song today, you get two. You're welcome.

"Somebody" from Safe Travels

"Schizophrenia" from Everything Under the Sun


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