Sayonara Summer Playlist

Monday, August 26, 2013

Right before my accident, I committed to a small handful of folks that I would be part of an international music swap. Oooooo! (Okay, so only one member of our group lives outside the USA and she lives in Canada, but hey that totally counts, right?) And while I had the perfect excuse to bail from the entire operation I'm glad I didn't; focusing on something other than my pain was good for me.

Baring my musical tastes to this group was a little different from my previous music exchanges. Mainly because I didn't know three of the four people in the group. And full disclosure, the one person I did know and happen to be happily related to, is one of the most musically savvy people I know. (Translation: the probability that he has heard every artist and song EVER produced is pretty high. I wouldn't put it past him.) Fears aside I decided to stick with songs I like. Well-worn tunes I've deemed worthy and have been listening to lately. Most of the songs ended up being a little somber. And since there wasn't a time limit on the compilation I leaned on the conservative side as I tend to get bored of CDs after about 14 tracks. Three of the songs and one of the bands I gratefully attribute to my other musical muse, Katie. My only regret? Not figuring more jazz into the mix.

Long-winded introduction aside, I made you a mix. True you can't pop it into your car stereo and take it with you on your next road trip, but you can stream it now for free. Go, enjoy!


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