Music Monday: The Lumineers

Monday, October 7, 2013

It seems a little odd to be posting about a band that has gained such prominence in the last year. Undoubtedly you have already heard of the folk rock band based in Denver. They've been on late night TV, won a Grammy, and were even featured on our first little music swap last autumn. Certainly you've sung along to their signature song Ho Hey, since it's played on the radio, at the grocery store, and yes, even at the gym. So why write about a group that everyone already knows about? A group that may be overrated. Well, maybe because they're just that good. And on Friday night I got to see them live.

Most of the live shows I've seen this year have been in small venues. Cozy cinder block buildings with plenty of free street parking. (Free because I live in the Midwest.) Places that allow me to get close to the stage, where I can feel closer to the music as I sing and sway along. When bands make it BIG I sometimes worry that they'll forget those initial gigs. Forget where they were before being "discovered" and get swallowed into the capitalist/PR side of the music making business. Maybe they do. They're artists after all, trying to make a living like the rest of us.

But Friday night proved that maybe that's why good musicians put on a hell of a show. They simply can't do it without fans. Without people buying tickets and merch. Even when the band just wants to play music and the fans just want to listen. It's a complicated business. But I'm glad to be a consumer when the music is that important to me. They kicked off the evening with my favorite song. Which is great, but also disappointing. Hey, they just played my favorite song! Ohh, now what do I have to look forward to? Turns out a lot. The best part of the entire evening was hearing a song I hadn't heard them play before (listed below). Also, halfway through the show they left the floodlights and came out onto the floor to stand on a little platform, where they played two songs. Ah-MA-Zing. Surrounded by fans, right in the middle of the crowd, I felt like maybe The Lumineers hadn't forgotten their roots. Which made me smile just a little deeper.


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