New Songs to Fill Your Ears With

Monday, October 21, 2013

This 1945 song. Made famous by that modern television series. Kinda catchy, no?

In case you haven't heard, The Head and the Heart recently released their second album. Translation: I have been listening to it nonstop. Especially the four minutes that are These Days Are Numbered.

For anyone that says they can't handle operatic music hear me out. Lawrence Brownlee, a soulful tenor, is going to make you a believer. Click on over to the Tiny Desk Concert (since the code isn't cooperating). Oh, and while you're there, do yourself a favor and listen to 10 minutes of this delicious "homey fireside music." 


  1. "And this song makes you forget
    just those things that sadden your heart and make you sigh."

    "Try, try again!"

    "Come on my friend, don't despair!"


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