Pull Up a Chair

Monday, October 14, 2013

Ever since we got married I've wanted to ditch our Ikea dining room chairs for something a little more comfortable. A few months ago I purchased a thrifted red oak farm table, so I really wanted to swap out our black chairs for something lighter. Sadly most of the chairs I looked at purchasing were between $250-$400 each. Yikes! Every now and then I'd check local antique stores for a less expensive alternative, but quickly learned it's rare to find chairs without the table. Since I didn't want to buy a dining room set, only to sell the table, I kept looking.

Then last week I found them! Four wood chairs with spacious cushion seats. Perfect for our dining room table. With a little negotiation I talked the seller down and had him load the chairs into the car. Luckily I managed to snap a couple photos on my phone before diving into the project.

Once the cushions were removed I washed the wood with Murphy Oil soap and let them dry. After they were dry I applied a layer of Old English for light wood and set them aside to dry for another couple hours. Finally, I applied a layer of lemon oil with an old cloth and let that soak into the wood overnight. After examining the old padding we decided to invest in some new foam. Although the crushed green velvet seats felt nice to the touch, they were worn and needed an update. Choosing the fabric was probably the hardest part. We selected five free swatches at our local fabric outlet and eventually decided on the gold vinyl. (Which has a beautiful shimmer that you can't see in the photos.) Covering the chairs took a couple of days, but I was so impressed that GH found a way to cover the corners so they looked like they were professionally done. All told the entire project including the chairs, foam, fabric, screws, and wood cleaner cost $325. Not bad for a custom set of furniture. We can't wait for our next dinner party, where we'll happily put them to the test!


  1. I love the backs if the chairs. They are quite stylish. The gold vinyl blend nicely with the wood. I'm hoping to update our dining room set sooner than later. My rear can hardly make it through dinner on our chairs. In fact, I usually pull up a living room chair once I've finished eating so I can visit with my husband in comfort while he continues to fine.


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