Two DIY Projects for Under $40

Friday, October 18, 2013

First it was a vintage cart, then it was the dining room chairs. You're probably thinking I've gone into full-blown crazy mode. What can I say? Whenever I come across a renter friendly DIY project I like I get really excited. Like Hooray! I want to make this RIGHT NOW. Both of these projects are super easy and inexpensive. You could easily make them in a weekend. The first project I made is a color block mood board. For this I used a cork board that I had on hand and then purchase paint and a smooth roller brush. The board dried in a couple hours and now lives in our living room, where I can display pictures, poems, or anything that inspires me. I even posted four of my life goals on the board. Think of this project as an extension of your kitchen fridge. Only prettier.

For the second project I needed a way to display the postcrossing postcards I have received in the last year. Enter this DIY wood & wire art display. PERFECT. I followed Liz Marie's tutorial and ended up with a stylish and functional display. (The only difficulty I ran into was finding enough bulldog clips for all 21 postcards.) Once it was finished GH hung the three boards on our kitchen wall with command strips. And I love it! The best part is I can easily swap out postcards for celebratory phrases or other pieces of art. What's not to love?


  1. These are so great. LOVE the postcard display (and the cards themselves, beautiful!) Can't wait to get back to a home and do some projects of my own. It's amazing how much and what you miss when you are away from it all.


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