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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

READING: A book about friendship and marriage and life. Wallace Stegner's Crossing to Safety is a literary classic that somehow slipped by me. The rich language and carefully crafted characters will make for a solid book club discussion next week.

WATCHING: Not so much watching as getting my butt kicked. Jillian Michaels makes 20 minutes feel like an eternity. But she promises I'll thank her for it.

EATING: The weather in my neighborhood has been drizzly for the past several days and all I want to eat is soup. Last week I made this spicy chickpea orzo soup, which is kind of my new favorite. Yesterday I let a batch of chicken stock simmer on the stove all morning. Hopefully it will last until the new year. Plus my church is having its annual craft and soup fest this weekend ("Souper Saturday"), so more soup for you.

MAKING: New friends. The other night I met up with a new friend in her home. She invited me over for tea and conversation. It was one of those occasions that made me feel special just because she had set aside a couple hours for me. Kids in bed and phones tucked away, we had a chance to become better acquainted. (Of course it didn't hurt to find out that she uses cloth napkins too.)

LISTENING TO: My new record player! And by new I mean a 1964 Zenith X930 console. Hands down my favorite purchase of the year. Now I understand why listening to vinyl is like hearing music for the first time.

EXCITED FOR: Flying home for Christmas.


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