A Few Things I'm Loving Lately

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ready or not, the last month of the year is here. And we have snow in the forecast! But before we get to all those best-of year-end lists here are a few things I've been loving lately.

According to the numbers I have sent and received over 140 postcards this year without even knowing it. Somehow the world seems just a bit smaller when you can connect with strangers all over the planet. Although I've tapered off sending anything in the last month, I just put together a custom pack of postcards using my Eastern Europe pictures. Artifact Uprising makes it so easy to create these little booklets. I can't wait to see what they look like!

Who doesn't love getting gifts? Even if it isn't your top love language (like it is for me). This year I decided to make mostly homemade gifts. However that hasn't stopped me from enjoying curated online lists like this one and this one.

Whether you believe in listening to Christmas music all year round or if you are a December only kind of listener, get ready for some new holiday tunes. Downloadable holiday music is available at Paste (my favorite song is Christmas Thyme) and Metcom Studios. Listen in your cubicle or while making Christmas cookies.


  1. Just downloaded the Paste compilation but haven't had a chance to listen yet. Now I'm even more excited! And I had vowed to come to Thailand and send postcards to people every week. Can you believe I haven't been able to find any?!?! My search will be on big time when I get to Bangkok over Christmas. You've inspired me!


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