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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The first month of 2014 is already half over and here I am just starting to write about resolutions. As much as I enjoy goal setting and self-improvement, I am a firm believer that change can happen at any moment of the year. On a given Wednesday morning for example, or maybe a random Friday afternoon in late April. Although moving from one year to the next often gets hyped as the only time to hit the refresh button, there's no rule that says all goals must be made on January 1. In fact, I have found success and peace of mind by allowing myself the opportunity to improve as needed throughout the year.

Of course GH and I started this year with our annual Post-it board tradition, which is kind of like goal setting but a lot more fun. Every morning I look at those 12 sticky notes (we decided to cut back from 24) hanging in our hallway and smile. This is our fourth consecutive year making a Post-it board and I can attest that writing down goals and looking at them every day makes a huge difference in accomplishing said tasks.

One of our BIG goals for 2014 is to buy a house! It's daunting and crazy and amazing to think about the process and I'm sure you'll hear some stories along the way.

As to what I would like to accomplish personally for 2014 I have a short list.
  1. Continue reading two books a month. I did this last year and found that it was just about the right amount for me. This year I hope to read at least one biography and a couple motivational non-fiction selections. Recommendations are welcome.
  2. Make one new recipe a week. Since I love to cook and follow a lot of cooking blogs I know this will be an easy goal to accomplish. 
  3. Continue going to the gym 3-5 days a week. I started doing this at the beginning of last November (see, new goals can happen any time) and it has made such a difference in how I feel. Plus I have a new gym buddy, which makes 5:00am wake-up calls tolerable.
  4. Take new classes. This is one goal I'm really excited about. Not only do I get to learn new things, I get to interact with other people in a new environment. All good things in my opinion. 
  5. Stay in an Airbnb rental. Travel is in my soul and this year I'd like to try using this great resource for planning where to stay on my next trip. It has the look and feel of VRBO, but with a much friendlier web interface. Now where to go is the hard question. 


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