Cosmic Dance

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

You might have noticed that my Music Monday posts have dropped off since the beginning of the year. That's not because I haven't been listening to new songs or artists. Quite the contrary. But sometimes it becomes difficult to put into words why I like one song over another. Why one artist speaks to me and what makes a song worth repeating to the point of obsession. Or more importantly, why you, dear reader, should take a listen to a band or performer that I deem worthy.

Music, like any art, is so subjective. And honestly, I didn't really get into the whole music scene until fairly recently. So I understand. Really. Sometimes it's just easier to be comfortable with what your parents liked, or what you jammed out to in college, or what commercial radio tells you you should like. For me, it really had to do with finding good recommendations from people and organizations whose musical taste I trust. And in that trusting I hope to pay it forward, by sharing songs from artists that aren't mainstream. Who may never go on national tour, or win a Grammy, or headline a music festival, but still deserve your time and listening ears. To that end I think a scene from the movie
Harold and Maude sums it up nicely.

Maude: That was fun! (Sitting down to the piano.) Let's play something together.
Harold: I don't play anything.
Maude: Nothing? Dear me, everybody should be able to make some music. That's the cosmic dance.

Which is exactly why music is so important. Vital actually! Music is a reflection of both the universe in which we exist and the waking reality of who we, as humans, truly are. It connects all the pieces and brings us together again. That said, I think it takes a special talent to write provocative music reviews, turning words and phrases into a force so compelling you can't help but listen along. My friend Katie does that remarkably well. And today I feel especially grateful to share a few thoughts on her blog, Gentlewoman of the Road; where I give a brief review of Morgan Manifacier—a new voice that kicks up dust in his smooth, yet playful cosmic dance.


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