Gender Neutral Baby Picks: Part I

Friday, March 7, 2014

Probably the number one question asked of any pregnant lady is What are you having? The other day a nine-year-old asked me what kind of baby I was having and I couldn't help laugh and tell her we were having a human baby.  Nowadays it seems impossible to think that 30+ years ago the technology to reveal gender prior to birth wasn't even available. Since GH and I have decided not to find out bébé's gender, I've been pulling together some cute neutral items in anticipation of stocking the nursery. And really, isn't anything in miniature automatically considered cute? Currently my favorite color combination is minty green and gold. Of course I might just end up buying a ton of board books and call it good.

1. baby newborn knit with pear from amazon. 2. sophie the giraffe teether from amazon. 3. linen pocket bib from etsy4. golden rod moccasins from freshly picked.


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