Make Way for Bébé

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Apart from announcing our little one, I haven't documented much about the process of growing a little human. Pregnancy, in my opinion, is a bit like fingerprints or snowflakes. No two are alike. Sure they share similarities, but by and large every woman has a different experience. Most of my friends and siblings have been producing offspring for years now. Which means I have access to a bevy of stories and shared wisdom about the process. And I should say that by and large I've had a really easy pregnancy. Like annoyingly easy. In my mind I attribute that to continued gym sessions; roughly four times a week, up until week 37. Pregnancy is weird because it's all about keeping track of weeks. And for that I found this book to be highly informative. Forty weeks is considered full term, but when you break that down into months that actually equals 10 months. So where do we get all this nonsense about 9 months?

Now that I'm in the homestretch I miss the feeling in my right hand. (It is entirely numb and tingly all the time.) Breathing has become a bit more strained and none of my shoes fit. Minor inconveniences really. But still. Strangers have starting asking when I'm due, which means my belly has finally caught up to the size of my ass. So there's that. When it comes to crazy cravings I have eaten an obnoxious amount of salsa, which probably just means this kiddo already has a healthy love of Mexican food. Oh, and I should confess, that for someone who never eats red meat, I've had a burger five times in the last eight months.

And whenever I start to wonder how bébé is doing, I just crank a little Miles Davis and kicking ensues.


  1. Of course, your little person already has excellent taste in music! Of course.

  2. Love of Mexican food and Miles Davis...excellent!


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