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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Have you ever stayed in one of those luxury hotels? One that has a turn down service and leaves chocolate mints on your pillow? Little touches like that tend to make an experience feel extra special. Which is really nice when staying somewhere other than home.

In the next month we have three separate sets of house guests coming to visit us. And while I might not be playing my usual tour guide self, I wanted to make sure our company had some conveniences at their fingertips. Since I already have the #1 item for house guests, I decided to go beyond the basics and create a canister of visitor goodies. (Basics being: clean bed linens and fresh towels.)

For this project you'll need a glass cracker jar or wire basket and a handful of travel items. Simply fit the toiletries into the jar until you are satisfied with how it comes together and then set it on the nightstand where your guest will be staying. Have you tried something like this? I think our guests will approve!


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