Amelia Jane: Six Weeks Old

Friday, September 26, 2014

One thing I've learned as a new parent is that everyone tells you to savor this newborn phase because It goes by so fast! and it does. Mostly. While our days still consist mainly of erratic sleep patterns, feedings, and diaper changes, Amelia melts our hearts most minutes of the day. Her birth hematoma, that was on the back of her head, is nearly gone. Yet she retains a splotchy red "stork bite" at the back of her neck and a tiny little peck mark on her left cheek. But in a way I'm glad. I think of birthmarks as special little kisses from those she left behind before she joined our family. Her greatest love, besides her doting parents, is the black living room ceiling fan. She simply can't look away. Apart from sleeping and eating on demand, Amelia likes spending time in her solly wrap and taking neighborhood walks (often twice a day).
Some mornings I wake up and swear I am holding an entirely new person. And in a way I am. Our little girl changes daily. Not just in size, but in the way she holds her neck a little stiffer. Or how her eyelashes are thicker. Or how her reflexes start looking like coordinated dance moves. All signs she's growing healthy and strong. Most of her hair is still strawberry blonde (thanks to Grandpa Flynn) and people say she has my lips. She smells like a bowl of cereal, sweet and milky, and her button-sized chin is beyond adorable. The best part though? Daily doses of coos and gummy grins. Baby smiles, you guys. Pure crack!


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