Amelia Jane: 11 Weeks Old

Friday, October 31, 2014

It's hard to believe our little lady just keeps growing, not yet three months but barely fitting into her three month clothes. I try to take a picture (or several) of her every day. Sometimes it turns into a full on photo session, wherein I try to snap as many pictures as possible, hoping one will turn out. Because man, babies are wiggly. Suddenly holidays are more exciting. Especially when it involves turning a tiny human into a tortured artist. Or imagining what it would be like to dress her up like a turkey. Too much? Our days are filled with mostly the mundane still, but Amelia is as animated as ever and loves story time, cooing, walking to Trader Joe's and bath time. She impresses her parents daily. The other night I had a dream that she said her first word. But instead of a word, she said Yeah, that sounds great! And it is great. Being a mama to this munchkin is pretty great.


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