Amelia Jane: 16 Weeks Old

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sometimes when I'm out in public with our sunshine girl I'll start chatting with a stranger and get the usual questions like age and gender (if she isn't dressed in pink). But occasionally someone will ask me if I get to stay home with her. To which I respond yes. Every time this happens the other person always reacts positively. They'll tell me how lucky I am or how great that is for the baby. And while I know circumstances are different for everyone I'm quick to agree with them. I am lucky. Lucky that for the past 16 weeks I've stayed home to see our girl make tiny daily changes.
Lately she's taken to NOT hating tummy time. She gets into it. Legs up, arms swimming, torso surfing like she's working towards a new personal best. Plus she's mastered the art of the drool. Thank heavens for bibs. So many bibs. Also, she's discovered her feet. She's pretty precise with her point and flex, which is particularly entertaining when her footed pants have happy faces on them.

It's such a funny experience being a mama. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be so attached to another person. Not only for the obvious reason of feeding, but just wanting to be with her. That sometimes I simultaneously want a break from her (desperately), but then an hour into our being apart I'll miss her like crazy and long to be reunited. This week we moved her from the bassinet beside our bed into her own room. Truthfully I kind of miss having her close. Now that she's five feet away I'm afraid she might just run away and join the circus during the night.


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