Baby Shower Gift Guide

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Before I became a parent my go-to baby shower gift was books.  Because kids can never have enough books, right?  Rarely do I give baby clothes because 1. everyone gives clothes and 2. babies grow out of clothes overnight.  But now that I'm a mama my baby shower supply drawer has expanded to include several of these items.  The great thing about these gifts is that they work for either a boy or girl and are all reasonably priced.

From left to right, top to bottom:

1.  Big Oball.  These little orbs are perfect for tiny fingers and helps babies develop fine motor skills. I found mine at Nordstrom Rack for about $6.

2.  Auto Mirror. The first few weeks of driving with a newborn are totally intimidating.  I remember when we left the hospital I wanted Ken to drive as if we were balancing an uncooked egg on the roof. Luckily this mirror lets you see baby as you drive and since babies are rear-facing for up to 18 months this is a practical gift that will last a while.

3.  Swaddle Blankets.  You simply can not have enough swaddle blankets.  Not only are they great for providing a womb-like environment for baby, they do double duty as car seat/nursing/stroller covers.

4.  NoseFrida.  A few days into Amelia's first cold I realized the squeeze bulb was the worst! Leave it to the Swedes to come up with a better solution. Seriously, you need to start giving this as a gift. (Yup, I just high fived a snot sucker. I'm officially a parent now.)

5.  Cup & Spoon.  It seems impossible when you hold a helpless infant to believe that they'll be eating anything other than milk in just a few short months.  These spoons are the perfect fit for tiny mouths and babies as young as five-months can start practicing their hold on a sippy cup.

6.  Teething Ring.  Babies love sound and color. This teething ring also functions as a rattle so it gets several months of well-loved use.

7.  Handprint Keepsake.  Okay, this isn't really a necessity but it's such a fun unexpected gift that gives parents a way to create a physical keepsake of when their baby is still so little.

8.  Bibs.  Like the swaddle blankets you simply can't have enough bibs.  Bibs for eating.  Bibs for drooling.  And bibs for fashion.  I have at least a dozen bibs.

9.  Mama hand cream.  So often we forget to give the mother-to-be a gift.  This hand cream, made right here in St. Louis, is a dream.  With a subtle scent that heals dry cracked hands and fits great in a diaper bag this gift is extra thoughtful. 


  1. Such lovely gifts. I have bought some gifts a month ago from Ginger Kids for the birthday of my niece. I bought some bibs, baby thermometer and baby backseat mirror. Do you think this presents are the best?


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