Currently | 3.10.2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

READING: Actually I have a hold on this book and hope it comes in on time for book club this month. But this book is a fantastic board book for young girls and this one is clever for young boys. Also, I can never understand the latest book craze.

WATCHING: Picked up this movie from Redbox to watch tonight. Have you seen it?

EATING: These amazing no-butter cookies. Healthy, right?

ENJOYING: The warmer weather. Thank heavens for warmer spring temperatures. Winter be gone.

MAKING: A sequin banner for Miss A's room. Plus monthly craft nights are so much easier with my newly organized craft cart.

SAVING FOR: A trip to LA, because California is always a good idea.

LISTENING TO: This song.

REMEMBERING: The two years we lived without a microwave. So grateful that I don't have to heat leftovers and baby food on the stovetop anymore.

EXCITED FOR: My mom coming to town just after Easter. Hooray!

image: MOMO mural (complete with beer bottle that I didn't notice until later). located in St. Louis, MO. 


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