April Intentions

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

It may seem strange to talk about April intentions now that the month is half over. This, no doubt, has more to do with my limited blogging schedule, as opposed to my enthusiasm for setting (and keeping) positive intentions. Since winter is such a harsh season for me, I find spring refreshingly necessary. And because I want to feel healthier, both in body and mind, I set two intentions for the month. The first being: to take one daily walk. Lasting at least 30 minutes. Every day. No excuses. Several days I've had to rush to lace up my shoes, get Amelia in her stroller, and race out the door to squeeze in a walk between rainstorms. One day we didn't quite make it and I came home soaked. But I can happily report that sticking to this goal (minus one day that was filled with weeding and planting) is happening. As we speak. Not surprisingly the fresh air and exercise have been immensely helpful.

My second intention is to eat one salad a day for a meal. One of the unexpected benefits of automating a meal is not having to think about what I'll be eating for lunch that day. The decision has already been made. Which is kind of what intentions are all about. Setting your mind to something and making that your reality.


  1. Love this idea of setting monthly intentions rather than annual resolutions that tend to be forgotten a week after making them. I may have to steal it!


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