Amelia's Nursery Tour

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I think one of the dangers of having a home, or any space really, is the perpetual feeling that it's never done. There's always something else to paint, a new picture to hang, one last closet to organize. Which is perhaps the natural order of design—continual tweaking until a space feels right. Luckily it doesn't have to be perfect to feel right. Life as a new mama has made me adopt this motto Perfection is the enemy of done.* So today, despite not being 100% finished, I'm happy to share Amelia's nursery with you.

There's something about having a first baby that makes a nursery feel so special. It's nesting on a primal and Pantone level. Not surprisingly the nursery was the first room to get the most design attention in our home. When we moved in the room had two giant mirrors on each non-window wall. We had a friend smash one of them and then I patched and primed the wall for paint. Because the rug was one of the first items I purchased to live in the nursery I wanted an accent wall that would work well in contrast. It became a bit of a joke though, because I constantly told people It's coral, not pink!, in an effort to assuage everyone it was a gender neutral color for the unknown gender of our baby. Ha! The rug is still one of my favorite pieces because, depending on the day, I see jagged number threes or rows of abstract hearts.
The white leather rocker-recliner was my splurge for the room. I had it picked out as my mama chair before I even knew we were having a baby and it was one of the first items we brought into our new home. For the last couple months of my pregnancy I sat in our empty front room, swollen feet up, relishing my fleeting days of freedom. It's funny how objects can have such an imprint of memory in them.
Over the past nine months Amelia and I have spent a lot of time in her room. And I still love looking at all the things she currently enjoys (her books, blocks, mirror, and DIY mobile) and all the other items she will eventually grow into. Looking at her one-month-old footprints makes me smile as does seeing the sequin name garland I made for her. It's a space I feel at home in and one I hope Amelia will grow to love as she gets older. Thanks for taking a peek into our humble abode!

*motto courtesy of Brene Brown

sources: rug, blackout drapes, bookshelf (no longer in stock), rocker recliner, world map, crib/changing table via Craigslist (similar), baskets, yellow kids chair, colored string lights, stuffed bunny, dresser (refurbished Ikea), lamp, side table, cake print, bear (handmade gift), goodnight pillow, and ferris wheel print.


  1. Amelia's nursery is darling. I just love it. Every detail is so careful and so sweet. I'm so so so happy for all of you!!

  2. Lovely! I especially love all of the different & bright colors!


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