Automating Monday

Monday, June 8, 2015

Since becoming a stay-at-home-mom I've become keenly aware of the role routine plays in my day. My schedule, dictated largely by an almost ten-month-old, is filled not just with photo sessions, but with fairly mundane household tasks. These chores—though essential to running our home—could, if I am not careful, easily consume my entire day. About two months ago I decided to devote specific days of the week to individual tasks. Rather than rushing around and trying to keep the house clean every day or worrying about when I would have time to go grocery shopping I divided my weekly chores to specific days of the week. Now I know that every Monday is laundry (and grocery) day. By allowing an entire day to complete one (sometimes two or three) things I can focus my energy on that and forget about the rest. And know what? It helps. Automating basic tasks gives me the freedom to forget about the outfit I spilled lunch on or the bathtub that needs a good scrub. Not only am I learning to live with a more lived-in space, I feel happier when I use uninterrupted alone time (read: nap time) to do something creative, read a book, call my sisters, or just relax. Have you ever tried automating anything?

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