Documenting Amelia's First Year

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What child doesn't love their own baby book?  Little footprints and official documents mingled with major baby milestones. A record of all the firsts, interspersed with birthday pictures, funny stories, and other cherished memories. Over the years my mom carefully added to my baby book. As a slightly older child I turned the pages of my personal story, trying to connect my (short) past to my current self. Every few years I'd sign my name in the book and it was fun to see the progression from massive backwards letters, to loopy cursive, to something more refined. Today I cherish this keepsake and think it's one of the few objects I would save if we ever had a fire.

Right after Amelia was born I realized I didn't have a baby book for her. Oh no! Luckily one of my friends had given me a "mommy journal" to record things I wanted to remember or funny things Amelia said when she was older. Another friend of mine, my former sixth grade teacher actually, sent me a beautiful letter after Amelia was born, reminding me "You think you will remember all of the funny and sweet things your children say and do—but you won't—so write it down." She did and when her girls were married she was able to present them with a leather bound book of their life from her perspective. What a lovely idea.
In addition to keeping a journal I also wanted a fill-in-the-blank book for jotting down little things and keeping her monthly photos. After a little research I found this funny (and affordable) baby book that's been exactly what I wanted. The thing I love about it is that you can include things like major news headlines from the day you were born or the current supreme court justices or where you traveled as a baby (with a U.S. and world map). While I still have some blank spaces and a few pictures to add (like her first home), overall I'm really happy that her baby book is something I've kept current throughout the year. With the little free time I have gone are the days of major scrapbooking marathons, which is why I also got this album to keep all of her printed Instagram photos. Which makes a total of three different books all documenting Amelia's first year! Clearly she's a first and (so far) only child.

Do you have a baby book? Or if you have children do you keep a record of their life?


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