The Perfect Potluck Trick

Monday, July 27, 2015

Although the New York Times proclaims the dinner party is dead, potlucks are alive and well. From office gatherings to backyard BBQs, people love ANY excuse to eat and socialize. I know I do! Especially during the summer. Over the weekend we went to a large picnic. Meat and drink were provided, while guests brought side dishes and dessert to share. I took this colorful salad which was gone in a matter of minutes. But you know what the #1 item is you need to take to a potluck?
A serving implement. Because no one likes dipping a spoon from the potato salad into the baked beans. Want a guarantee guests will eat what you brought? Take something to serve it with. Worried that it might get lost? From personal experience I have been to dozens of potlucks over the years and have never lost a serving implement (or dish). It's so easy to forget to take one, so try popping it on top of the dish until you're ready to go. Think about it, because using a plastic knife and spoon to dish up pie is just silly.

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