Wednesday Morning at the Missouri Botanical Garden

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Often I give St. Louis flak for being a blue-collar beer and baseball town. While that may be true St. Louis also has some hidden gems I've been noticing more lately. I remember when we first moved to St. Louis (three years ago next month), everyone told me it was a great place to raise kids. At the time I sort of rolled my eyes and thought yeah, yeah. But now that's exactly what I'm doing—raising a kid in the Midwest. This may not be a permanent location for us, but in my current phase of life living as if it were somehow makes me more present, and being present has a way of making a situation more satisfying.

This morning my little miss and I took advantage of free Wednesday morning admission at the Botanical Garden. The weather was near perfect and we got there early enough that the crowds were still minimal. Every few feet I would stop to unload Amelia from her stroller and plop her down in a new location for another picture. She loved it and I left feeling happy and refreshed. I suppose cities, like people, can grow on you over time.
Ps. Four other reasons to like St. Louis. 


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