Amelia's First Birthday Party Album

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Have you ever had the beginnings of a creative project in your mind but don't exactly know how to execute it? That's how I felt about wanting to save all the lovely cards, invitation, and special memories from Amelia's first birthday party. At first I thought about putting them at the back of her baby book. But that didn't feel right. Then I scooped up this brilliant 1" flamingo binder at Target and read Ann-Marie's post on the same day and my head nearly exploded. Kismet I tell you! Before I blinked the project was already finished in my mind. BAM.
The guidelines for this project were 1. to get it done quickly and 2. not buy anything new for it (apart from the album and printing the photos). Happily I stuck to my goal. Which meant that this entire birthday album cost $8! If I wasn't so notorious for throwing out envelopes I wouldn't have even had to cut three pieces of paper down to size. Still, though, who knew having a stockpile of colorful cardstock, washi tape, stickers, and stamps could come in so handy?
The other thing I love about this album is that it's also the perfect place to store the letters her dad and I wrote to her on her first birthday. Apart from the actual party, I wanted us to give her something meaningful and a touch sentimental—hence a letter from each of us. I hope we continue the tradition of writing her a letter every year until she's 18. Then, once she reaches that magical age, she can open the letters and realize what amazing people her parents truly are.
Overall I'm SO happy with the way this project turned out. It's one I will definitely repeat for future events. Which means if you ever send a card make sure it's a good one, because it's bound to be immortalized in one way or another. 


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