Currently | 9.1.2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WATCHING: The only consolation to an insufferable lingering sinus infection was watching this beloved movie over the weekend, paired with starting this new sitcom that feels like an Aussie mashup of The Office meets Parks and Recreation. Have you seen it?

DRINKING: This smoothie. I made it almost every day last week.

READING: This collection of nine tales from one of my favorite authors.

ENJOYING: Playing questions with Amelia. Where's your nose? Where's your belly? Where's your mouth? Where's your toes? Where are your hands? And having her point to all her tiny parts.

MAKING: A mini scrapbook to hold some of the cards and pictures from Amelia's first birthday party. Stay tuned for pictures.

THINKING ABOUT: Halloween costumes. Can I make them ALL?!

REMEMBERING: That even after reading To Kill a Mockingbird every August since 2002 I still find a great reverence for the story Harper Lee tells. Still undecided if I will read her new publication though.

EXCITED FOR: A roadtrip to Washington DC with my little crew and finding it a little ironic that we'll be returning almost three years to the date from when we left it. One city, one love.

Mural located in Wichita, KS. 


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