Making a Faraway Family Photo Book

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

This year we were fortunate to have not one, but two family gatherings. The first was in May when we surprised my mom in Utah for her 60th birthday. Then, in August, all of Ken's family (40+ people) gathered in Wichita for the first time in several years. On both occasions we hired a professional photographer to take family pictures. Since we currently don't live near any family I took the opportunity to take individual pictures of everyone on the same day we had our family pictures taken. Because I'm sneaky like that. When I told siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents that I was working on a project for Amelia they were only happy to oblige.

Having faraway family means we have to find creative ways to help Amelia know who her extended family members are. Luckily, Pinhole Press makes it easy to do just that. Their Book of Names and Faces—which comes in either a spiral bound hardcover format or mini board book option—are the perfect way for little people to learn about faraway loved ones. For this project I opted to make the larger book so that Amelia and I can read and talk about each family member together.
Even though getting all the pictures took a few months, making the actual photo book only took about an hour. A definite win in my book! I particularly liked how easy it was to drag and drop images from my project folder into the design template. However, while I was making the book I ran into a snag with a couple images cropping out family members on the edge of the photo. Fortunately Pinhole Press has a chat feature on their website which allowed me to immediately talk with someone about my problem. After I contacted a representative they manually resized the image and formatted the background on their end and I didn't even have to worry about it. So convenient. As I was finishing the book I was pleased to discover that there were three remaining open slots before I reached the 24 image maximum. Which allowed me to include a picture of Amelia's immediate family and an image with each of her parents. After that I simply finalized my project and submitted it for printing.
Imagine my surprise when Amelia's book arrived at our doorstep two days later, wrapped with a thoughtful handwritten note. When I opened the book and saw the first picture of my mom holding Amelia a flood of emotions washed over me. In my hands I held a family heirloom that I had created without even realizing it. What added to my delight was seeing that the book was made from high quality paper thick enough for even the littlest fingers. Each time we open the cover Amelia points to different faces, excited when she recognizes the familiar faces of her faraway family.
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  1. I love this idea! We definitely need something like this for our oh-so-faraway loved ones.

  2. Such a beautiful gift for Amelia. It has been such a special year for me being able to visit Amelia and get to know her. She truly has stolen my heart. I love her so much. Grandma Wendy


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