Christmas Card Greetings

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Before I was married I would send out annual Christmas cards. Often they'd be homemade. The first two years of our marriage I honestly can't remember if we sent out holiday cards. I'm sure we did, but since we were still negotiating life as a couple I think we sent out separate store bought ones to family and friends and talked about having an annual Christmas card form letter (something I'm not a huge fan of). Last year we had a baby, which meant we had to ensure her adorable face was plastered on fridges across America. But the company I used last year ended up messing up my order, which translated to multiple customer service phone calls, and finally receiving low-quality cards that I wasn't happy with but sent out anyways because that was my best option.

This year, our fourth Christmas as a married couple, I feel like we've finally settled on something that works for us! A few weeks ago we had a friend take some pictures for us at a local park. Although the weather was chilly and Amelia was teething all three of us managed to be in the picture together. No small feat. After I sorted through the images I made the smart decision to use Pinhole Press for our Christmas cards since I'd had such luck with them earlier this year. And honestly I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Not only did the cards arrive in four short days, it was such a relief to receive envelopes with removable sticker backings for an easy no-lick closure. Next year I just have to remember to order more! Do you send out Christmas cards? I know some people send out New Year's greetings, which is also a fun tradition. However you do it, I'm always a proponent of real mail!
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