Currently | 1.5.2016

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

READING: The book that the rest of the world is also reading. Plus this delightful chapter book, one chapter a night with my little crew.

WATCHING: Finishing up the final season of Parks & Recreation, while patiently waiting the return of How to Get Away with Murder

NOT EATING: Sweets. I got into a bad habit last year of having dessert nearly every other day. So for 2016 I've given up cookies, cake, pie, brownies, ice cream, and cupcakes. Notice that I didn't give up an occasional piece of chocolate, because I'm not that crazy.

ENJOYING: The new routine of a new year. Which, for me, means dropping AJ off at the child care center for one hour every morning so I can workout. Hopefully I will work my way up to two hours in a matter of weeks.

LISTENING TO: Season two of Serial.

MAKING: Time for one-on-one dates with my husband. Our goal is one date a month in 2016.

SAVING FOR: A nice camera. It might take me all year to reach this goal, but I'm determined to get this camera.

REMEMBERING: What fun Amelia had making horse noises the entire time we were in Nashville. The house we stayed at had two horses on the property. Which meant we took multiple excursions to visit them.

EXCITED FOR: Hosting a baby shower this weekend. Party planning is my favorite!

Mural located in East Nashville, TN. 


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