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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

It's Tuesday morning. The rush of Monday chores (laundry and grocery shopping) are complete for another week. I won't write my letter to my mom until tomorrow. In a rare and unusual occurrence it's 7:00am and my baby toddler is still sleeping. I need to go to the DMV today and need to finish up printing a 2x2 photo for a passport application. At 10:00am we're meeting friends for story time at one of our neighborhood libraries, but not the one across the street. At Noon I'll watch another little girl for a few hours and with luck both babes will overlap their nap for at least one hour. I see a day of rushing and waiting ahead of me.

The other day my sister asked if I still liked being at home with my daughter. And if I just blog all day. The answer, to which I readily responded, was an emphatic no. But the truth, like most things, is  more complicated. Saying no sounds heartless and completely ungrateful. Although saying yes wouldn't exactly be accurate. I will say that yesterday I sent off AJ's enrollment form for pre-school, which hit home the reality that in a few short months I'll get a regular respite. At least twice a week. For three solid hours. I won't belabor the point about motherhood. About staying home full-time and caring for the needs of others. It's hard. Everyone agrees on that point. Lately however I have become more aware of my need for self-care.

A couple weeks ago I took a vacation. For two nights. Just me. And I'd love to be able to do that quarterly. I'm also working on some other health issues, which seems like an indulgence, but is absolutely vital to my physical and mental well-being. Another trick I've started incorporating into my weekly routine is making time to create. Nothing elaborate, mainly simple things like homemade bread, an instagram photo shoot, handmade cards, or a bouquet of flowers. And it helps. Making something creative sparks my sprit and takes me out of autopilot.

I have a lot of things I'd like to write about, but it sounds like I need to greet my offspring. Until next time.

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